allantika vlachos ioannina

Our Facilities

In the context of continuous development and with a focus on quality assurance, the company "ALLANTIKA IOANNINON VLACHOS" moved in 2015 to new state-of-the-art privately owned facilities of 1,000 sq.m. in the Industrial Area of Ioannina.

Its new unit (building facilities and mechanical equipment) meets the strictest safety and hygiene standards, so that it can offer the consumer quality and safe cold cuts and sausages, with an authentic taste every day.

allantika vlachos ioannina

The building facilities include the production and packaging unit for cold cuts and sausages, as well as storage, cooling and freezing areas. In particular they include:

  • 9 cold storage chambers for the preservation of fresh meats & sausages
  • 2 cold storage chambers for frozen foods
  • 1 quick freezing chamber
  • Air-conditioned areas for production and distribution of products
  • Controlled ventilation system in all areas to avoid pollution of the indoor air
  • Central washing and disinfection system
  • Water softening and chlorination system, as well as water filtration at various critical stages of the production process
  • Automated traceability system at all stages from receipt and production to the final disposal of the product.

In addition, the Company "ALLANTIKA IOANNINON VLACHOS" with respect to the environment, has built its own biological purification, converting the liquid waste, which comes mainly from the cleaning of the unit, into municipal sewage.

Finally, regarding the recycling of its materials, it participates in a system of alternative management - utilization, of a local company.