allantika vlachos ioannina
allantika vlachos ioannina awards

The company "ALLANTIKA IOANNINON VLACHOS" has as its ultimate goal, the production and distribution of traditional sausages and cold cuts of excellent quality and superior taste, which it brings to the table of consumers every day.

A product produced by our company on behalf of the Agricultural Poultry Cooperative of Ioannina PINDOS, received the highest distinction for its taste excellence in the international competition Superior Taste Awards organized by the International Institute of Taste and Quality - iTQi in Brussels on 14-06-2017.

In particular, the "Village Chicken Sausage" managed to stand out in this major international competition by collecting 4 Gold Stars

The Superior Taste Awards are organized by ITqi, one of the world's largest organizations dedicated to testing and promoting high quality food and drink.

This is a unique international recognition that focuses on the "blind test" of the jury, which consists of more than 120 top Chefs and tasters of 15 different nationalities, of the most recognized academies in Europe.

The certified taste of "Village Chicken Sausage", through this award, is a reliable assurance of superiority but also a reward for our efforts to continue producing high quality products.